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Glenn Amatucci Materials Science and Engineering Energy storage, new energy materials CCR 141 732-932-6856
Eva Y. Andrei Physics and Astronomy Condensed matter experiment Serin W114 848-445-8748
Tewodros Asefa Chemistry/Chemical and Biological Engineering Novel inorganic nanomaterials, nanocatalysis EE E138 848-445-2970
Robert A. Bartynski Physics and Astronomy Electronic properties of surfaces Serin 221B 848-445-8786
Phil Batson Physics and Astronomy High resolution electron microscopy NPL 205 848-445-8275
Dunbar Birnie III Materials Science and Engineering Solar cells, batteries CCR 129 848-445-5605
Edward Castner, Jr. Chemistry and Chemical Biology Ionic liquids WR 184 848-445-2564
Mark Croft Physics and Astronomy Electronic properties of solids Serin W113 848-445-8746
Leonard Feldman Physics and Astronomy Electronic materials, ion beam analysis NPL 212 848-445-4524
Eric Garfunkel Chemistry and Chemical Biology Adsorption, structure of surfaces WL 225 848-445-2747
Stephen H. Garofalini Materials Science and Engineering Molecular dynamics; SiO2 surfaces EE A217 848-445-2216
Martha Greenblatt Chemistry and Chemical Biology Solid state chemistry WR 134A 848-445-3277
Gene Hall Chemistry and Chemical Biology Surface analysis: PIXE, PIGE WL 288 848-445-2590
Jane Hinch Chemistry and Chemical Biology Surface structure and atom scattering from surfaces WR 180A 848-445-0663
Wei Jiang Electrical and Computer Engineering Nanophotonics EE 215 732-445-2164
Bernard H. Kear Materials Science and Engineering Nanomaterials and structural materials CCR 220 848-445-2245
Lisa C. Klein Materials Science and Engineering Glass chemistry, sol-gel processing EE A225 848-445-2096
Jing Li Chemistry and Chemical Biology Solid-state hybrid materials WR 207 848-445-3758
Yicheng Lu Electrical and Computer Engineering Electronic materials and devices, ZnO, piezoelectric thin films EE 217 732-445-3466
Adrian Mann Materials Science and Engineering Nanoscale materials characterization techniques CCR 214 848-445-8421
Seongshik Oh Physics and Astronomy Molecular beam epitaxy, topological insulators Serin W121 848-445-8754
Karin Rabe Physics and Astronomy Theory of novel materials Serin E265 848-445-9030
Richard E. Riman Materials Science and Engineering Synthesis and characterization of ceramics CCR 106 848-445-4946
Thomas Tsakalakos Materials Science and Engineering Superlattices EE A100 848-445-2888
David Vanderbilt Physics and Astronomy Theory of novel materials Serin E291 848-445-9049
Weida Wu Physics and Astronomy Scanning probe microscopy Serin W117 848-445-8751
Jian Zhao Electrical and Computer Engineering Heterostructure devices EE 242 732-445-5240
Frank Zimmermann Physics and Astronomy Dynamical processes, electronic structure of complex materials NPL 204 848-445-8269