HELP    Suppliers and vendors of UHV equippment
Click here ... APD cryogenics: semiconductor manufacturing, coating systems (precision coating Systems), detector cooling, medical diagnostics, industrial vacuum
Click here ... BOC Edwards: semiconductor and vacuum dependent proccessing
Click here ... Ceramaseal:ceramic-to-metal and glass-ceramic technology
Click here ... Duniway Stockroom Corp.:supplying reliable vacuum equipment
Click here ... Goodfellow: supplies metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials
Click here ... Helix Technology:development, application and support of innovative solutions in the field of vacuum technology
Click here ... Huntington: vacuum components
Click here ... Inficon: instruments for analysis, monitoring, control, and plasma processing
Click here ... Julabo: refrigerated and heating circulators / baths, high dynamic temperature systems, general purpose water baths, recirculating coolers, immersion and flow-through coolers etc.
Click here ... Kurt J. Lesker: vacuum systems and components
Click here ... McAllister Technical Services:analytical instruments and devices
Click here ... MDC Vacuum Products Corp.:building-blocks for vacuum science and technology
Click here ... MKS Instruments:binstruments, components and subsystems for vacuum and gas-based processes
Click here ... NuVacuum Sustems, Inc:fabrication of high-vacuum chambers, manifold, shrouds and subsystem assemblies
Click here ... Pfeifer Vacuum:vacuum processes and system
Click here ... Precision Plus Vacuum Parts, Inc.: supply of vacuum pump replacement parts, filters and fittings
Click here ...
Swagelok: manufacturing corporation that delivers thousands of types of fluid system components through a network of more than 200 exclusive, independent sales and service centers on six continents.
Click here ... ThermoNESLAB:high-quality constant temperature equipment including refrigerated bath/circulators, chillers, immersion coolers and water-to-water heat exchangers (Click here ...Thermo Electron Corp.)
Click here ... VARIAN Medical Systems: vacuum and spectroscopy products, parts, etc
Click here ... VAT:vacuum valves