Click here ... Convertion of Temperature and General Units from Inst. of Chem., FU Berlin
Click here ... Astro-Physical Calculator by Chris Dolan, U Wisconsin
Click here ... Convertion of General Units by Frank Tapson, University of Exeter

Chemical databases:
Click here ... Chemical Charge by Janet L. Kaczmarek, SUNY Stony Brook (Create an electrically neutral ionic compound by varying the cation to anion ratio)
Click here ... Molecular Modeling for Chenical Education, by Lebanon Valley College
Click here ... Sheffield ChemDex
Click here ... ChemWeb

Crystals and crystal structures:
Click here ... General Crystal structures: fcc (ccp), hcp, bcc, diamond, etc by Lebanon Valley College
Click here ... Crystal lattice structures by Naval Research Lab
Click here ... TriPhase by Melanie Rebosa, SUNY Stony Brook (Crystalization of minerals from a melt)
Click here ... Bilbao Crystallographic Server, Materials Laboratory at UPV/EHU
    Click here ... Table of Space Group Symbols
    Click here ... Space Groups: Generators and General Positions (GENPOS)
    Click here ... Space Groups: Maximal Subgroups (MAXSUB)
    Click here ... Space Groups: k-vector types (KVEC)
    Click here ... Space Groups: Supergroups of a Given Type (SUPERGROUPS)
    Click here ... Space Groups: Irreducible Representation (REPRES)
    Click here ... Space Groups: Wyckoff Positions (WYCKPOS)
    Click here ... Wyckoff Positions Splitting (WYCKSPLIT)
    Click here ... Point Groups Tables
    Click here ... Group-Subgroup Lattice and Chains of Maximal Subgroups
    Click here ... Pseudosymmetry Search in a Structure (PSEUDO)
    Click here ... Correlations Between Space Group Representations (COREL)
    Click here ... IR and Raman Modes (SAM)
    Click here ... Inelastic Neutron Scattering Selection Rules (NEUTRON)

Electron structure and electron interaction with atoms and solids:
Click here ... Diffraction: Bragg's Law by Konstantin Lukin, SUNY Stony Brook (How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals)
Click here ... Electronic Structures Database by Naval Research Lab

Fundamental Physical Constants and Conversions:
Click here ... NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
Click here ... By Tom Knight, MIT Artificial Itelligence Lab
Click here ... From Institute of Chemistry, FU Berlin
Click here ... For programmers: C header file by T.M. Sanders
Click here ... For programmers: FORTRAN data file by T.M. Sanders
Click here ... Physical Constants and Astronomical Data by Chris Dolan, U Wisconsin
Click here ... SI Units from Institute of Chemistry, FU Berlin
Click here ... Dictionary of units by Frank Tapson, University of Exeter

Click here ... Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics by Naval Research Lab (Tight-Binding Parameters and Scalable Molecular Dynamics Tight-Binding Codes)
Click here ... Some well-known molecules
Click here ... Korea Thermophysical Properties Data Bank (properties of pure materials, vapor presures, etc)

Periodic Table of Elements:
Click here ... Tight-Binding parameters for the Elements by Naval Research Lab (equations of
state, elastic constants, vacancy formation energies, phonon frequencies, and surface energies for the elements)
Click here ... by University of British Columbia
Click here ... WebElementsTM