LSM XPS Facility Charges


Standard time allocations for use of the K-Alpha and the ESCALab 250 XI machines are booked in four (4) hour sessions:


Morning: 8AM 12PM

Afternoon: 12PM 4PM

Evening: 4PM 8PM


Trained users can request time at the LSM XPS Facility website:


Three modes of operation are offered for the facility. The rates posted are for academic users. Users from non-academic institutions or industry should contact the XPS Facility Coordinator:


Ryan Thorpe (

Nanophysics Lab, Room 115

(732) 445-5500 x3943



Trained Mode

Assisted/Training Mode

Full Service Mode

$175 / session

$350 / session

$525 / session

The facilities are used by a trained individual after certification by a Facility staff member

Assisted Mode:

The facilities are used with partial help (for example, data analysis, special operations, ) by a Facility staff member.


Training Mode:

The user is in the process of training towards certification. This requires full time help from a Facility staff member, and is usually accomplished in one session.

The measurement and analysis are performed by a Facility staff member, not by the requestor.